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Four Square Club is the happy amalgamation of a collection of special brands ~ Foliage Restaurant, Môreson Wines, Wildcraft Gin and Miss Molly Bubbles ~ that together create the ultimate farm to glass and farm to table experience. Nestled in the heart of Franschoek, the restaurant is headed up by chef Chris Erasmus, whose passion for foraging has meant that the restaurant is largely plant-based, and with that, entirely supplied by Môreson's vegetable garden.

Reviews (4)

3.8 out of 5.0
Food 3.3
Value 3.3
Service 4.5
Ambience 4.3
  • Drienie E. Dined: 1 month ago
    Food 1.0
    Value 1.0
    Service 4.0
    Ambience 4.0

    Reviewed on: Sun 16 Feb 20
    Tried to phone but not one number was answered. Mailed and the booking was put incorrectly into the sytem. Two of the dishes where taken off the bill. The fish was dry and over cooked and the steak was dry and served cold. Feel that the price you pay is not what you get. In other words over priced.

  • Lindsay K. Dined: 1 month ago
    Food 2.0
    Value 3.0
    Service 4.0
    Ambience 4.0

    Reviewed on: Mon 03 Feb 20
    Lovely setting and pleasant staff. We were last there when it was Bread and Wine when we had excellent food. The menu is very odd and not easy to understand despite our waitress trying to explain about the 'small plates' to share etc. We are not vegan or vegetarian and were looking for 'normal' food - not plates of broccoli etc! There only seemed to be a choice of 2 main courses - fish and steak - and the fish was described as being in a cantaloupe 'soup' which may be delicious but sounded very unappetising! A sauce maybe, not a soup! In desperation I ordered a cauliflower soup and my husband had the kiddies' pizza! (which was excellent!) - my soup was too spicy, I could not finish it.

  • Omar Dined: 3 months ago
    Food 5.0
    Value 5.0
    Service 5.0
    Ambience 5.0

    Reviewed on: Sat 28 Dec 19
    Bright and flavourful plates of food where vegetables are king , Queen and Emperors. The entire menu is just a fabulous homage to the humblest of vegetables. But in no way is there any pandering to carnivores - there isn’t anything masquerading as a meat substitute. You can order a meat dish on the side, which in itself is excellent. But I love how each dish is a self contained symphony to itself. Playful flavour combinations and unusually delicate textures for a truly wonderful taste experience. Be sure to mop up the different sherbets and revel in you inner child’s excitement!

  • Lynn Dined: 3 months ago
    Food 5.0
    Value 4.0
    Service 5.0
    Ambience 4.0

    Reviewed on: Sun 22 Dec 19
    Had an excellent selection of dishes

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