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Geet Indian Restaurant

Indian Vegan Friendly Vegetarian Friendly


  • Romantic
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Great Views
  • WiFi
  • Serves Halaal

If theres one thing to know about Gita Jivan and Geet, its that things are in constant motion. Shes always on the move, traveling to vitalize her culinary journey, and the menu is constantly evolving, too. Theres a core element that stays the same for those who dont want change, but for those who want to play on the edges of Indian cuisine, she has perfected a menu thats as exciting as it is extraordinary. Shes now exploring molecular cuisine – a first in the capital city, in this particular cuisine – and it works magnificently.

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Opening Hours

  • Monday 11h00 - 22h30
  • Tuesday 11h00 - 22h30
  • Wednesday 11h00 - 22h30
  • Thursday 11h00 - 22h30
  • Friday 11h00 - 22h30
  • Saturday 11h00 - 22h30
  • Sunday 11h00 - 22h30