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NOMAD is a high quality entertainment, food & cocktail bar. Mondays host date night movies, some great stand-up comedy on Tuesdays, live music on Wednesdays and DJs on Thursdays to Saturdays. NOMAD specials in Tapas, Burgers and Cocktails. Rated in top 10 for its burgers and tapas by various media since December 2016, nomad has an eclectic mix of entertainment and food.

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Opening Hours

  • Monday 11h30 - 23h30
  • Tuesday 11h30 - 23h30
  • Wednesday 11h30 - 23h30
  • Thursday 11h30 - 02h00
  • Friday 11h30 - 02h00
  • Saturday 11h30 - 02h00
  • Sunday 11h30 - 23h30